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Treasure of Nepal is an exhibition of the fine crafts of Nepal to be shown at Lahti Art Museum in Finland from September 22, 2016 to January 31, 2017


The Shipping Forecast

Gary Wornell

Exporting the fine crafts of Nepal 

In just over two weeks I will return to Nepal to work with my assistant Anmol and the many crafts people whose work we will ship to Finland for the exhibition in Lahti.

It is the rainy season - Monsoon, and people are planting rice and tending their fields. In a recent conversation with Anmol I asked about the Bamboo maker - will he have time to complete the order we have made? "He's busy planting rice at the moment - I'll go to see him on Tuesday or Wednesday next week."

That is Nepal. Everyone has fields, farms and villages where they must go and help their families. Its all about community effort and support. 

This time it will be a flying visit - the shortest stay I have made to Nepal - just to make sure everything is in good order and that the works are packed properly and taken to the shipping agent. My head has been exploding with the thousands of separate things I have needed to do - with excitement and expectation! 

Home stay

The great news is that we have at least one artist coming to the opening - Mingmar Lama - a Thangka painter of amazing skill, and his brother getting their visa applications prepared to visit the Finnish Embassy next week. We now have several families in Lahti ready to take these crafts people and Nepali restaurant owners in Helsinki also prepared to host them! I'm so grateful to my friends in Lahti who offered their homes for a week in September.

Count down

In just over 2 months the exhibition will open at Lahti Art Museum. From September 23, 2016 until January 29, 2017 you will have the opportunity to visit. ope to see you there!