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Treasure of Nepal is an exhibition of the fine crafts of Nepal to be shown at Lahti Art Museum in Finland from September 22, 2016 to January 31, 2017

The Book

ISBN: 978-952-301-082-6

Published: 10.10.2016
Pages: 173
Size: 253mm x 270mm
Binding: Hard cover bound
Library ref: 40.8, 48.13, 75.7, 76
Language: English

Treasure of Nepal book 

The Treasure of Nepal book published by Maahenki in Finland and designed by Philippe Gueissaz including text and photographs by Gary Wornell is NOW AVAILABLE! It features some of the main crafts in the exhibition and the stories of the people who make them. Gary Wornell travelled the length and breadth of the city and outlying areas capturing images that are rarely seen by foreigners. These are the workshops and studios that have been handed down through the generations of craft makers that have created some of the finest works made in Nepal.

This 4 minute video is part of the crowd funding initiative hosted by Mesenaatti in Finland until August 20, 2016. You can see the crowd funding page at this link Treasure of Nepal



Metal Casting, Metal Carving, Gilding, Wood Carving, Stone Carving, Paper Making, Paper Decorating, Shell Carving, Repoussé and many more.


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